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Why us?

  • Independent
  • Professional
  • Business-oriented
  • SMB market specialists
  • Software cravers
  • Innovation mongers


Who speaks for us?

Every year it is a pleasure and a pain finding the speakers and their companies and redacting the vast amount of ideas and proposals to a meaningful composition of topics and covered fields of interest. Our software industry changes quickly and progress is demanding a continuing movement and hunger for learning. It is that evolutionary climate where the SMBDev feels at home. His flexibility and ingenuity is the ferment of change and reaching out is the fundament of multimillion actions by corporations. So there are still speaking proposals possible for the 12. European Software Conference in case you want to join our ride towards the future which definitely will be dominated by the Software Industry and the community we represent as SMDDevs or (Micro-)ISVs.

Friday, November 23rd, 2012*
07:30 pm

Welcome Pre-event Meeting
at 7 p.m *

Sponsored by GRAHL software design


Please ask for the tables for the ESWC. * Everyone pays for his own food and drinks beyond the sponsored ones which will be pointed out at the event in detail. Please send a short note to info <at> so that we can figure out the rough number of seats we need.


Conference and Sponsors`facilities of the ESWC 2012


Enlarge details of the 12th European Software Conference (ESWC 2012) on November 24 and 25 in Munich - Conference location and setting





Saturday, November 24, 2012*
08:00 am
09:00 am
Welcome to Munich 2012 by
Founder and President David Boventer
09:15 am

Dave Collins - SoftwarePromotions

SEO for Brilliant Software Companies


Dave has been working with SEO for more than 15 years! During this time SEO has changed enormously - but more in the last two years than the previous thirteen. This session will kill some of the more prevalent myths about SEO, and will show the enterprising software company how to really make it work for them. It's not even particularly difficult; just a series of steps that have to be carried out in just the right way. Participants should walk away with some very practical ideas for how to improve their SEO rankings.


10:15 am

Kai Boyd CEO
deal united GmbH

Pimp your App! An innovative way of monetizing


Free vs. Paid apps? or paid content? The landscape of monetization models in the mobile app business is diverse.From his online gaming-based experience of monetization Kai Boyd from deal united GmbH will give you an insight of different models of app monetization as well as the different buying behaviours in app stores. He'll also point out his payment solution Pay by Shopping Mobile that has been released recently.


11:15 am

Mykola Rudenko - Appvisor

The PAD 4 specification, the new official PAD repository and the PAD platform



12:15 am
-- Lunch break -

01:30 pm

Aston Fallen - Globell

02:00 pm

Iulian Brayer - Avangate
ISVs Transition to SaaS: Challenge or Huge Opportunity?

In this presentation Iulian will speak about the whys and how to have a smooth transition to SaaS and subscription models. Iulian will guide you through the steps that you can to take when transitioning from lifetime traditional business models to subscription billing. And the most important question that will be answered is how to have a global unified customer experience across any channel via any business models.

02:45 pm

Dave Collins - SoftwarePromotions

Website Dissection

Dave Collins has worked with over 500 companies and 1,100 websites from over 40 countries. When it comes to websites he knows what works and what doesn't. Dave will apply over 15 years of experience to your website - if you're prepared to face brutally honest criticism, constructive advice and a little potential humiliation in front of everyone else!


03:45 pm

-- Break --
04:00 pm

Rüdiger Kügler - WIBU- SYSTEMS
Trends in Software (Online) Activation

* Which properties of a PC should be used to bind a software to a PC?
* Comparison between PC bound licenses and floating licenses in a network
* How to integrate Software Activation into my software?
* How to integrate Software Activation into my eCommerce Solution?
* How to offer an Offline Activation? Via File or via Phone?
* Online Activation: Make or Buy?
* Aspects about security when hosting Online Activation services
*  Pitfalls I should avoid when creating my own Online Activation
* Long-term aspects of Online Activation

04:45 pm

Christian Huntgeburth
Director MyCommerce EMEA & India
Increase Brand Awareness through Social Media and SEO


05:30 pm

Alwin Hoogerdijk & Sytske Hermans from

"Brain picking session"

Everything you always wanted to know about
software/marketing/running your business/* but were afraid to ask.




07:00 pm

12th jubilant European Software Conference

1. Reception and celebration
by the ESWC e.V.

2. Epsilon Award Presentation

In the name of the Mayor of Munich, Mr. Kurt Kapp, Deputy Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development of the city of Munich will present the Epsilon Award to the winner.

Epsilon-Award© für extraordinary independent Software Developement


Drinks at the reception are
sponsored exclusively by Avangate

After that (about 9:00 pm) we will have our
Networking-Dinner ESWC at the Conference Hotel *

Sunday, November 25, 2012
9:15 am

Adrian Grigore - LogMyTime

Cross-platform smartphone app development

While the mobile market can be very lucrative, it is also more fragmented than the traditional PC market. Each platform has it's own technology and requires a separate implementation of your
app. Adrian discusses different ways to tackle this challenge and shares his experience with building a cross-platform mobile app.

10:00 am

Michael Kranawetter
Microsoft CSA (Chief Security Advisor)

Software Security Incident Response Process


What happens within Microsoft in terms of Software vulnerabilities?

° Details about Software Vulnerabilities
° Process within Microsoft
° Mitigations


10:30 am

-- Break --

10:45 am

Sulamita Garcia* - Intel
Using touch and sensors for Ultrabook applications


Are you ready for the Ultrabooks wave? In this presentation, we will show you how to get the most out of this new category to refresh your existing application or create new compelling software. Learn how to use touch, near field communication, GPS and other sensors to enhance and update your skills and engage more users.


11:45 am

Georg Hansbauer - Testbirds
Is Crowdsourced Testing the Future of Testing?

Software testing is a trade off between budget, time, and quality, Testing is often conducted until either budget or time is exhausted or some the quality goal is reached. Could Crowdsourced testing be the alternative which gives maximum quality in a short time at a low cost? Georg will cover some of the following questions:

1. What is exactly crowdsourced testing?
2. What are the advantages, disadvantages or risks of the crowd to the alternatives of the in-house test team, outsourced test team, QA automation team, or customer "team"?
3. When should crowdsourced testing be used/not used?
4. Is crowdsourced testing the magic bullet to end all bugs or just a passing fad?


12:30 am

-- Lunch break --

01:30 pm

Benjamin Ronnenberg
Effective monetization of downloads

From his longtime experience with and at Benjamin will point out options how to improve download numbers and how to find the most effective ways to monetize these downloads.

02:15 pm

Dave Collins - SoftwarePromotions

Google AdWords: turn the tables on Google


Most AdWords accounts are wasting money and opportunity with the advertiser never realising it. Dave has been working with Google AdWords for twelve years, and has been responsible for millions of dollars in ad spend for hundreds of companies from all over the world. Dave estimates that approximately 99.6% of the AdWords accounts that he's seen are wasting money and/or opportunities. Dave's presentation will focus on raising awareness and providing you with the tactics and techniques you need to turn AdWords into an incredibly profitable machine.


03:00 pm

-- Break --

03:15 pm

Gregory Menvielle - Pyrasolutions
Practical advice about selling software overseas for SMBs and ISVs.


Tips and tricks from the trenches on how to clear the hurdles.


Making your software ready for the international market is the easy part. Selling it to an international crowd is more complex. As small companies, we cannot rely on large international offices to solve our sales and marketing questions. We will go over specific examples and hurdles to clear to make sure customers yearn for your product regardless of where they live.


04:15 pm

Wrap Up

07:00 pm












*/+Event- und Networking-Dinner-Conditions: At 07:30 pm on Saturday and at 08.:00 p.m. on Sunday until latest 11:00 p.m. there will be the networking dinner at the Conference hotel. These two networking dinners (with one beverage) are included with the full conference registration.


After this networking dinners there will possibly be additional events that are free to access for all participants.


These events are either planned and payed for in coordination with a sponsor or solely by the ESWC e.V. If planned by the ESWC e.V. you pay what you eat or drink (especially at the Friday Pre-Event). The relevant sponsor or the individual participant at events where you pay what you eat or drink is responsible for the event itself. No member of the ESWC e.V. or member of the board can be made responsible in any legal form. All legal claims towards the ESWC e.V. or any appointed representative of the ESWC e.V. concerning personal or injury or damage or loss of property or belongings, or due to natural catastrophies, accidents or terrorist actions - are excluded. By taking part in these events every individual participant and any company or business entity declares its consent to these conditions. Any registered participant may take part in these events. Additional persons (friends, spouses, partners, family etc.) receive - on written request - an access badge free of charge, that is exclusively valid only for the concerned event. Only through this written note the participation of additional persons is possible. Please register additional persons until October 15, 2012 by writing to event <at> Please keep the confirmation by the ESWC in printed form with you. Thank you very much for your understanding.!

*The compilation of our schedule is an evolutionary process in its best sense, since it is open to suggestions and ideas of creative people like you. Therefore changes and alterations to this schedule may happen without further notice.


Current version as of November 22, 2012



Speaking proposals for the 12. European Software Conference are open for any qualified speaker. We need a short outline, a topic and a three-liner text. Please note that we do not pay for travel or hotel expenses and expect any speaker to register.


Please send your application to: software <at>


Looking forward to your ideas!


David Boventer

Founder and President ESWC




Sulamita Garcia is Technical Marketing Engineer for Europe at Intel Developer Relationship Division Program, supporting developers to create engaging applications using newest technologies. She has been working at Intel since 2007, and prior this position she was Open Source Community & Strategy Manager for Latin America and later Open Source TME . She has a long time experience with open source projects and communities. Lately, she is also engaged in User Experience Research and Psychology.


The conference was packed with invaluable information
for any software author. I also really enjoyed the social
side - It made a nice break from my normal hermit-like
working life. I certainly hope to attend future conferences.

Andy Brice (

I just wanted to congratulate for the perfect ESWC conference this year. It has been a real pleasure to participate and there have been plenty of well performed presentations. Again thanks a lot for organizing this event. I'm looking forward meeting you again next year.

Dr. Sven Abels (